Plantronics Entera HW121N/A ausinės


Designed to give you reliability, durability, comfort and audio quality.

110,00 €

Designed to give you reliability, durability, comfort and audio quality, Entera™ offers you a simple, value for money headset. It is available as a single speaker model that can be worn on either ear, or a dual speaker model to block out background noise. Both models come with a noise reducing microphone for clear speech and low maintenance. Although the Entera headset may not offer all the features of high-end Plantronics headsets, it still comes with all the back-up, service and support you expect from Plantronics.

Noise reducing microphone
Choose the single speaker model (monaural)
Choose the dual speaker- model (binaural)
Wideband audio
Comfortable and lightweight
Multiple wearing style

Technical specifications
Headset weight: Monaural 60g / Binaural 82g
Wearing style: Over-the-head
Microphone type: Noise-cancelling
Other features: QuickDisconnect
Technology: Wideband Audio, Acoustic Shock Protection
EAN codesMonaural (12 pack): 503358802967
Monaural (72 pack): BULK
Binaural (12 pack): 503358802968
Binaural (72 pack): BULK
Service and support: 2 year warranty
Part NumberMonaural (12 pack): 79180-03
Monaural (72 pack): 79180-05
Binaural (12 pack): 79181-03
Binaural (72 pack): 79181-05


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