Polycom VVX Color expansion module


Turn your Polycom VVX business media phone Into a high-performance vibrant attendant console



4.3in LCD (480x272 pixel) resolution

GUI with animation Feature keys:

28 multifunctional line keys configurable as line registration, call appearance, speed dial, DSS, or BLF

Dual-color (red or green) illuminated LEDs for line status information

3 page keys in total for additional line appearances

Compatible VVX phone models:

  • VVX 300/310
  • VVX 400/410
  • VVX 500
  • VVX 600

Communication with host phone and/or other modules:

2x Auxiliary ports; SPI bus Expandability

Up to three VVX Expansion Modules can be attached to a host phone


Data sheet

1 year


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